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Nimbora Products: Bridging DeFi with Ease

Nimbora's tech stack facilitates seamless access to Layer 1 DeFi. Our focus revolves around two pivotal use cases: earning and borrowing, addressing the core needs of DeFi participants.

Earn: Maximizing Yield Opportunities

Explore carefully curated yield opportunities from Ethereum, now accessible on Starknet through Nimbora Yield Dex:

  • Synchronous Deposit: Instantly mint L1 yields on Starknet.
  • Gasless Transactions: Eliminate additional fees associated with L1 handling.
  • Modular Integration: Easily add new strategies with 60-200 lines of Solidity code.
  • Standardized Tokens: Nimbora yield tokens adhere to the 4626 standard for seamless integration.
  • User-Friendly: Integrate Ethereum yields into your Starknet apps effortlessly using our powerful SDK.

Borrow: Low-Cost, Better Rates

Experience the benefits of low-gas transactions and rapid execution with Nimbora's borrowing solutions:

  • Low-Gas Transactions: The gas costs for L1 transactions are distributed among participants.
  • Fast Execution: Borrowing and repayment orders are executed daily for optimal efficiency.
  • Competitive Borrow Rates: Discover better borrowing rates on Ethereum to enhance investment strategies.