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The Nimbora Affiliation Program

Referrals, within the context of Nimbora Protocol, are a vital component of our self-service affiliate program, designed to reward users for expanding our community. By referring new users, participants can earn additional points through a boosted calculation system, enhancing their overall earnings and helping to grow the Nimbora ecosystem.

When a user invites others to join Nimbora, they become the "parent" in the referral relationship, and the new user becomes their "child." This relationship forms a referral network where points are distributed based on user activity and their connections. For example, when a direct referral (child) earns points, a percentage of these points is also credited to the referring user (parent). This incentivizes users to actively recruit new members and support their engagement on the platform.

The Nimbora referral program is structured to provide significant benefits for active participants. Points earned through referrals are not just a flat rate; they are boosted by a percentage, which increases the more active the referred users are. This means that users who bring in highly engaged new members can see substantial rewards, promoting a vibrant and growing community.

Additionally, special boosted referral links can offer higher percentage rewards, encouraging users to utilize these links for maximum benefit. This layered incentive system ensures that both new and existing users are motivated to participate and contribute to the ongoing success and expansion of Nimbora.

You can join our Discord and ask for an invite in the #invites channel. Nimbora Discord

  • Explore partner protocols' social media channels, where referral links are often shared with additional boosts. Here are some examples of our partners: Spark, OnlyDust, Kakarot, StaknetQuest, zkLend, Herodotus, Carmine, Pragma.
  • For now, access to the dapp requires a mandatory referral code. Access to the Dapp.

    Consume Referral

  • Enter the referral code you found. Note that using a link will auto-complete the field. Finally sign a message and Voila! You are now referred and ready to start the aventure!

    Consume Referral

How to Become a Referrer

  1. Head to the app points section: Nimbora Points

  2. Find the box labeled "Refer a Friend."

    Refer a Friend

  3. Click the copy button to get your referral link, or directly click the X icon to share it with your community instantly. You can customize the tweet as you like.


Before calculating the referral points for each user, a boost is applied to the on-chain user's points (borrow + earn). By default, the boost is 10%, but some users who use partner links (boosted links) can receive a higher boost.

For more details, check the points section.