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L1 Contracts


Ensure your system meets the following requirements:

Installation Process

Follow these steps to set up the Yield Dex L1 environment:

Install Dependencies: Run the following command in your terminal to install the necessary packages:



To compile the smart contracts, use the following command:

yarn hardhat compile


Run the tests to verify the correct functioning of the contracts:

yarn hardhat test

Running Scripts

To run deployment scripts or any other custom scripts, use:

yarn hardhat run <script-path> --network <chosen-network>

Scripts are located in the scipts folder.

Deployment with Hardhat-Deploy

For deploying your contracts with Hardhat-Deploy, use the following command:

yarn hardhat deploy --network <chosen-network>

This command will execute the deployment scripts using Hardhat-Deploy, deploying your contracts to the specified network.

Environment Setup

For deploying your contracts with Hardhat-Deploy, use the following command:

Before running the above commands, make sure to set up your environment variables. Change the .env.example file to .env and update the values file in the root directory of your project and fill it as per the example provided in .env.example :

ALCHEMY_KEY key=<Your Alchemy Key>
PRIVATE_KEY=<Your Private Key>

Alchemy API: Your project ID from Infura, used to connect to Ethereum networks. PRIVATE_KEY: Your Ethereum private key, used for transactions and contract deployment.

Building a new strategy

You can build a new strategy building contract inheriting from StrategyBase.sol, you'll need to override virtual methods and add potential additional logic related to the strategy you want to build. 2 built strategies are proposed as exemples savingDai.sol and uniswapV3.sol

Deploying pooling manager and adding new strategies

  1. Fill the scripts/config.ts with deployed pooling manager on L2 and deploy the l1 poolingManager using hardhat-deploy. Add this new deployed address in the config.ts

  2. (only for goerli): deploy mock contract for your strategy if it is not deployed on this network like it's done with saving dai(cc deploy/savingDai.ts). Or setup the environment of the strategy if it exists like uniswapV3 where you need to deploy a new pool and add liquidity (cc scripts/deployUniPool.ts and scripts/initAndAddLiq.ts)

  3. Add the required addresses in the config.ts for your strategy (uniV3Router for exemple)

  4. Deploy the strategy using hardhat-deploy

  5. Register the strategy in the pooling Manager running a script (cc scripts/registerStrategies.ts)