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About Nimbora

Nimbora is a Starknet-based cross-chain yield strategy platform that enables users to engage with Layer 1 protocols at a fraction of the cost. Powered by the innovative minds at the SpaceShard team, we leverage Starknet's Zero-Knowledge Rollups to provide cost-effective DeFi strategies without compromising security or trust.


Starknet: The Backbone of Efficient DeFiโ€‹

Starknet transforms Ethereum transactions with zk-STARKs technology, promising faster, more affordable, and secure exchanges. The introduction of the STRK token on February 20, 2024, marks a pivotal moment, enhancing the DeFi landscape by offering:

  • Low-cost Transactions: Significantly reducing the financial barrier to entry.
  • Developer-friendly Environment: Encouraging innovation and growth.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Streamlining operations within the blockchain.

You can read more about Starknet's capabilities here and explore DeFi insights through Spaceshard's blog.

Wallet Compatibility: Simplified Accessโ€‹


Nimbora supports the Argent X and Braavos wallets, combining simplicity with security to enhance your DeFi interactions.

Nimbora benefitsโ€‹

  • Maximizing Cost-Efficiency with Nimbora

    Nimbora drastically lowers transaction costs via Starknet's L2 solution, offering gas fees up to seven times less than those on the Ethereum mainnet. Our approach makes DeFi more accessible and economical for everyone.

  • Innovative Transaction Batching

    Our unique batching mechanism pools transactions, allowing DeFi interactions on the L1 network at a fraction of the usual cost. This process not only reduces expenses but also makes DeFi more inclusive.

  • N-Yield Tokens: A New Frontier

    N-Yield tokens, like N-sDAI and N-wstETH, represent the yield from DeFi strategies within Nimbora. These tokens, adaptable across various protocols, offer flexibility and open a realm of possibilities for managing your DeFi investments.

  • $STRK incentives with Nimbora

    For an in-depth exploration of STRK incentives, zero L1 gas fees, and more, check out our detailed post: Nimbora x Liquity DeFi Spring.

A Word of Caution: Stay Vigilantโ€‹

๐Ÿงโš ๏ธ Nimbora has yet to launch an official token. Please remain vigilant against potential scams and rely solely on our official channels for accurate information:

Need Help?โ€‹

For technical support or questions about Starknet integration, join our Discord community. Nimbora Discord